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ImageMud wrestling is a very popular activity on stag parties or even on birthday parties. Based on your request 2 or 4 girls are participating in the activity. During the mud wrestling the stag or the birthday boy is the referee who will also be deeply involved in the wrestling.

The location is 20 -30 minutes from Budapest city center, set in a cave that has a very mystical atmosphere (subdued lighting, candles, etc). The girls are wearing a T-shirt and a G-string. They start the program with dancing and making their T-shirts wet (that will come off afterwards) and then they wrestle.
In case of 2 girls the program is about 20 minutes long. First, the girls wrestle with each other and after that the stag will be involved. In case of 4 girls the program is about 40 minutes long. It starts with the first 2 girls dancing, wetting their T-shirts and after that the “fighting” begins. The referee decides upon the winner and then the next 2 girls start. In the end, the 2 drop-outs and 2 winners will have deciders. Of course, the stag will have more to do than just act as a referee.
The stag will be involved, so please, don't forget to bring him shower gel, shampoo, towel, and clothes for changing into.
During the program each participant will receive 2 beers, but you can bring more alcohol. If so is your need, based on your request we provide more drinks.

The minimum number of participants is 10(in case of samaller roups or minimum of 10 places will be charged also)


  • £38/person - in case of 2 girls

  • £55/ person - in case of 4 girls

Price includes:

  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Location
  • Equipment (mud wrestling pool, mud)
  • "Wrestling" girls (2 or 4 – based on your request)
  • 20 or 40 minutes mud wrestling
  • 2 beers per person
  • Shower

Code:066 | Mud Wrestling - 2 girls | Price:38

Code:079 | Mud Wrestling - 4 grils | Price:55